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Puerto Rico - What to do in PR?

I have to dedicate one of my post to Puerto Rico since I was borned and raised there. I miss the island but most importantly I miss my friends and family.  I will post some of my personal photos  but I must warn you that photos don't do justice.

Puerto Rico is warm all year around and you do not need a US passport to enter the Island from the USA. I have done/visited a lot of the recommendations below; however, there are a few (that I mentioned below) are recommendations from friends and family (BTW I do not get paid to advertise any of these sites).

It will all depend on what you are looking for, and your price range!!!!

I personally used Jetblue a lot because my parents live in Ponce so I flew from JFK to Ponce all the time (red eye flight). I would say that an average price for a flight from Ponse to JFK is about $350 (roundtrip). December is a lot more expensive than the rest of the year because Christmas in Puerto Rico rock!

For hotels and flights: I recommend you go to one of the popular sites (Orbitz, expedia, travelocity, kayak, etc)  and do a search for hotels and flights together. If that does not work, send me an email ( and I can be more specific. The major airport in Puerto Rico is San Juan (SJU). There are a few other airports but they are really small, such as Ponce or Aguadilla. San Juan is the capital, Ponce is at the south of the Island (about 1.5 hrs from San Juan) and Aguadilla is at the north-west of the island (about 2 hrs from San Juan)

Here are a few Places to go and tours sites.
These sites are just informational. You can rent a car and drive yourself (the traffic could be hectic but it really is the best way to move around)
- El Yunque:

 - Old San Juan:
Old San Juan is a good place to see some of the history of PR and see some great things about the island.  It is also a great place for shopping, eating/drinking (nightlife).

- El Morro (fort) is in Old San Juan and it is a must! Good place for PR history.
Can you see the Iguana?

- Bacardi Rum Factory: Visit the Bacardi Rum factory:  They do tours and it was a fun thing to do in the Island. Not too far from San Juan but be aware that if you drive there, then you could hit some traffic depending on the time and date of the year.

- Camuy Caves: This is a natural place and it is beautiful. 

- Culebra Island or Vieques (you can take a ferry or a boat to the Island)
I just tried to fly there and when I called i was amazed by how expensive it is nowadays. It was about $150 - $200 or more round trip. The ferry from Fajardo to Culebras is just under $5 and it is a nice experience. However, I should warn you that the schedule could be a bit tricky and depending on the time of the year, they sell out pretty quickly. Here is some more info about the ferry. 

- Observatorio de Arecibo: (closed Mondays and Tuesdays and holidays) - This has been featured in some movies, the first one that comes to mind is Contact with Judy Foster.

- Next to el Observatoria de Arecibo you can find Tanama. This is one of my favorite areas to do some hiking, swimming (rio Tanama) and you can do ziplines, etc.
I recently went to an area by "rio Tanama" (January 2012) and they do ziplines and tours (make sure you go to the area where the river goes under the cave). The place is awesome! The tour company has a blog so you can read more about it. You could ask for Warren to be your tour guide (very knowledgeable and fun guy).

- Ponce (I will do one post just about Ponce but here is peak of it)
I have to mention Ponce since I am from this town! You can visit some places like
  •  La Plaza las Delicias -> I need a nice photo of La Plaza.
  • Centro Ceremonial Indigena de Tibes (I could not find a good website but please look it up) "My sister studies arqueology so she will be proud to see that I posted thi. 

  •  La cruzeta el Vijia
  • El Castillo Seralles
  • El Museo de Arte de Ponce
  • La guancha
  •  El arbol la Ceiba - this is the oldest tree in Ponce.. it is a lot smaller than when I was a girl. :-(

Catamarn Excursions:  (there are a lot more than these, I have done these so that is why I have them here).
- I did the one that goes to Culebras and it was awesome. Culebras is a small island off of the main Island and the snorkeling there is amazing. 

- I the Spread Eagle and the people were great.They spoke great English and it was really fun.

BioBay in Fajardo (Kayaks) - this is a must!!!
This website has a bunch of numbers of people who can do it... they get booked pretty fast so it is good to have options. I recommend you go to the latest tour at night without a full moon.  I have do some of these multiple times and the key point of my decision making was price and who let us swim in the water.
Surfing (north west of the island: Aguadilla) - I have not done this but I heard it is pretty good. Let me know if you try it!
- Scuba - Some people have asked me about Scuba and to be honest I have not done it. So I would not know for sure but here is one reference someone gave me once.
Scuba in Desecheo Island
Taino Divers in Rincon (I do not have their website)
Address: Rincon, Black Eagle Marina
Phone: 787-823-6429
There is obviously a lot more to do so if you have other preferences, let me know and i can try to help.

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